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The Academy and Marketplace

Welcome to your one-stop shop for learning, sharing knowledge and finding business or career opportunities in the field of serious gaming!

Just in case you're new to serious gaming: put most simply, serious games are games designed to be more than entertaining. They are also designed to offer worthwhile learning experiences, to convince people in political or business terms, to change people's behavior or to improve people's skills or competencies.

imageThe Academy is meant for those of you looking for the latest papers, innovative research projects, inspiring videos, upcoming conferences and events, and interesting courses related to serious gaming. Probably of interest to all you students and researchers of serious games, but surely of interest to professionals and teachers as well!

imageThe Marketplace is meant for those of you looking for job opportunities, a serious games expo, quick-and-easy fact sheets about the business of serious games, and to network with your fellow serious gaming enthusiasts. Probably interesting to serious gaming professionals and teachers, but surely of interest to students and researchers of serious gaming as well!

But wait… there’s more! You can add all of the above content yourself as well! This is not your average website. This is a community, a social network! Register or log in with your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account, and start adding news feeds, papers, projects, videos, conferences, courses, jobs and expos… All to help the community stay up to date.

You can even form your own group, with which you can do a project, or build a knowledge base relevant to a certain subtopic of serious games.

So much to do! :)

About the Serious Games Society

The Academy and Marketplace are services provided by the Serious Games Society.

The Serious Games Society is a non-profit organization set up by a group of researchers and professionals in serious gaming united under the Games and Learning Alliance.

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